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Vaccinations for Dogs

As soon as you get a new dog, you’ll hear about the vaccinations they need. For a new pet parent, that can be confusing! You’ll hear one thing from a breeder, another thing from Google, and another thing from a random person at a park. Let’s start with this:...

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How to Stay Cool in Summer

Who’s ready for summer? While I do love the summer sun, I love staying cool even more! I get super stressed when thinking of Chu overheating, especially on those days I can feel the heat radiating off the pavements. I’m even more conscious when we’re at the park...

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Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a disease of the hips that commonly affects large breed and giant breed dogs. It is a complex disease - one that cannot be easily distilled to a single gene or a single factor - that affects the hip joints in such a way that degeneration inevitably...

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Why is my pet so itchy? – Atopy

There are a number of reasons your pet may be itchy. Allergies are among the most common reasons your pet may be scratching all day. We’ve written a little about skin allergies before and, now that it’s spring, environmental allergies are all the more relevant! That...

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My Vet’s Spring Survival Guide

IT’S SPRING!!! The weather’s warming up, the flowers are blooming, it’s a wonderful day for running around the park...and Chu’s scratching. 1) Fleas and ticks are evil I love the warm weather! And so do fleas and ticks. You may think they’re innocuous me,...

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Anal Glands In Dogs

What are anal glands? Anal glands are small paired sacs that sit on the left and right of your dog/cat’s anus. The cells lining these glands produce an oily secretion with a distinct fishy, metallic smell. You can think of this smell as your pet’s signature smell....

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