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Solensia Osteoarthritis (OA) Injection

Solensia (Frunevetmab) has been a much anticipated O.A. management medication for cats. Previously there has been very little progress in the options we have for pain management in our arthritic pets.

This new medication works in a different pain-relief pathway to all other medications we have used up until now.

This injection is a monoclonal antibody which targets nerve growth factor, a pain receptor in the joints. By blocking these receptors we block the pain messages from being delivered thus helping with pain relief and inflammation in the joints. Not only can it resolve pain signs but by reducing inflammatory messengers it can reduce the progression of arthritis in the joints.

When used for the right candidates, the pain-relief we see is far greater than any other medications we have used previously.

This subcutaneous injection generally lasts for one month and if successful it can be safely administered monthly to help alleviate signs of O.A.
For severe cases of OA we can still use oral pain-relief medications as required safely.

It has a wide safety margin and can generally be given without concern to any adult or elderly cat. This is because monoclonal antibodies are natural proteins and require very little metabolism and detoxification by the liver and kidneys, unlike other pain relief medications like nsaids which can have a higher metabolic demand and higher risk of side effects.
It is safe to be given along with other medications/vaccines and there are very few recorded side effects. Very rarely some cats might have injection site pain or mild vomiting signs.

Things to consider
Solensia is a prescription injectable drug so you must take your pet to the vet monthly to receive treatment. This can be done with a nurse.

Solensia may be more expensive than older generation pain medications, however from experience owners generally can justify the cost with the positive results seen at home.

Your pet must be a suitable candidate for this injection, we only expect successful results for cases with appropriate O.A. signs.

Solensia must not be given to potential breeding cats, pregnant or lactating cats or juveniles under 1 year old as it can cross the blood-brain barrier and affect the fetal nervous system development.

For the same reason pregnant women, women trying to conceive and breastfeeding women should not handle this injectable and seek immediate medical attention if exposure occurs.