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Top 5 Pet Friendly Plants to brighten your home

So now that you know about all the plants we need to keep OUT of our homes (if you haven’t seen my previous blog click here), as promised – today’s blog will be all about… PET FRIENDLY PLANTS!

I personally love having plants at home but after getting my puppy Putty, I had to get rid of so many plants I had at home (even the mildly toxic ones because he just eats EVERYTHING).

Naturally – I then had to do my homework and find out plants that I could have without having anything to worry about. With that in mind, I present to you my top 5 pet friendly plants I recommend to brighten up your home!

1. Prayer plant
This plant is a great addition to any desk or table given their compact size contrasted with their striking deep red veins – and better yet, they’re so easy to grow!

2. African Violets
African violets are great little pot plants that can add splashes of colour with their broad faced leaves and vibrant blooms! And best thing is for all those who don’t have a lot of time for plant upkeep (like myself!) they are fortunately super low maintenance.

3. Venus Fly Trap
I’ve always been absolutely fascinated with the Venus Fly trap and best thing of all it’s completely pet friendly! So if you’re up for something a little bit more eccentric and different, consider this as your next addition to your plant collection. Don’t worry – the ‘teeth’ of the fly trap are completely harmless and actually are more similar to eyelashes than teeth.

4. Spider Plants
Not only are Spider Plants easy to grow – but they’re also extremely easy to sprout new baby spiders from the mother plant! So no doubt, you’ll be able to give this vibrant houseplant to all your pawparent friends!

5. Mosaic Plant (Nerve Plant)
This stunning plant may hail from tropical Peru, but does extremely well here in the Sydney climate with the appropriate care! The striking veins (where the plant gets its name from) can come in varieties of white, pink and even red, so this is definitely one worth adding to your home.

So that wraps it up! Now with Christmas around the corner – if any of your pawparents friends are looking for some plants, you know exactly what to get them!

From the whole MyVet team, we hope you all (and of course all your furbabies) have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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