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Summer Breeze Popsicle (Pupsicle) Recipe

Hi Furbabies!

Summer breeze is here and it’s time to share Chu’s favourite popsicles recipe! Summer period is the time when we tend to worry about over-heating in our furbabies due to the hot weather that we experience here in Sydney. As we all know, dogs and cats are unable to sweat through their skin to help them cool down. Most pets tend to refuse drinking cold water when they get hot. So, here is Chu’s favourite “Summer Breeze” popsicle recipe that you can enjoy too! It’s so simple to make too!

Summer breeze popsicle


-Watermelon – no seeds
-Strawberries – remove green stalk
-Popsicle mould

Watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries


1. Place some blueberries into each popsicle mold
2. Blend some watermelon and strawberries together in a blender
3. Pour the watermelon/strawberries mixture into the popsicle mold
4. Freeze for a few hours


Put all your ingredients that you want in a blender.

Love my monster popsicle molds!

Freezing time aka longest wait ever!

Chu enjoying his Summer Breeze popsicle!

You can always use other fruits that are safe for your pets! Here are some examples:

-Apples – no seeds
-Pears – no seeds
-Honeydew – no seeds
-Sweet potatoes
-Pumpkins – no seeds

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