Puppy Pre-School



Our Puppy Pre School programs are now being held in the park behind Taylors College right near My Vet Animal Hospital in Waterloo.

We understand that when you first bring your puppy home it is a very exciting but busy time!

Our Puppy Pre- School experience is second to none…

It is carefully designed to get you and your puppy off to the best possible start.

We offer:

  • A five week comprehensive program run by our Delta Accredited instructor Kim Doran,
  • We use motivational training for both dogs and their owners
  • We hold a Graduation Ceremony on completion of the course. Your pup gets to dress up in our graduation outfit for some beautiful photos that will become wonderful mementos.

On completion of the course you will also receive:

  • Your Puppy Pre School graduation certificate,
  • A goodie bag full of fabulous freebies!
  • New doggy friends to meet up with in the park.
  • A puppy with some really good basic manners,
  • And a real sense of achievement.

Puppies can enrol from 11 – 16 weeks

Our positive reward-based training methods are designed to motivate your dog to work for you out of trust and respect, rather than fear.

Handouts and videos on what we cover are emailed after each lesson and we are happy to give online and phone support.


Our classes are held through MY VET ANIMAL HOSPITAL


Puppy classes are held on weekend afternoons.


This depends on the program you book into.


$199 / 5 week program with the option of…

Theory & Practical lessons

Our first lesson is mainly theory based and is held on ZOOM. You will be sent helpful handouts and video demonstrations on practical exercises you can get started on after the lesson.

The next four lessons are all practical and are held in the park behind Taylors College right near My Vet Animal Hospital.

At the moment there can only be a maximum of 20 people in the group due to Covid-19 restrictions. We usually have a maximum of 5 to 6 pups per group which enables us to give everyone all the attention they need.

You will learn

  • How to read canine body language (a must know for any dog owner)
  • How to toilet train your puppy.
  • How to teach them not to play bite and mouth on you or others.
  • About the importance of early socialization.
  • About enriching their environment so they don’t chew on your furniture.
  • To help them become confident in their own company when they are left alone.
  • How to use hand signals, improve your timing and presence when you train.
  • How to settle your puppy.
  • How to teach your puppy to walk on a loose lead.
  • How to teach your puppy to accept being handled by you, groomers and the vet.
  • Strategies to manage and modify normal doggy behaviours like jumping, digging and barking.
  • About the importance of exercise.
  • What the laws are in NSW for responsible pet ownership.
  • How to be a good, clear and consistent leader who has realistic expectations.

Your puppy will learn

  • How to give attention.
  • To sit, lie down and stay.
  • To come when called.
  • How to walk on a loose lead – with practice.
  • How to walk to heel – with practise
  • To sit to greet people instead of jumping on them.
  • Give or Drop items
  • To accept being handled.
  • How to settle.
  • To leave things alone
  • To move back
  • To stand on cue
  • Some tricks for fun.

Program dates

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