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Specialist Care

We’re proud to offer pet specialist care services here at My Vet Animal Hospital, learn more below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Pet Specialist Care
in Zetland, NSW

We have a strong relationship with specialists at referral hospitals in Sydney: Sydney Veterinary Emergency and Specialists, the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Sydney, and the Small Animal Specialist Hospital – which means your furbaby always has access to specialist care. Some specialist services are available here at our hospital.

Dr. Eugene Buffa

Dr. Eugene Buffa

Dr. Eugene Buffa is a specialist small animal surgeon we’ve closely worked with since the beginning. Dr. Eugene is not only experienced as a veterinarian and as a specialist surgeon but is a wonderful person dedicated to the best outcome for your furbaby. Your furbaby is in the best hands under Dr. Eugene’s care. He owned and ran a large referral centre in South Africa for 15 years, was a pioneer of hip replacement surgery in Africa, and was one of the original patented tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgeons.

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Dr. Graeme Allen

Dr. Graeme Allen is a diagnostic imaging specialist with the Veterinary Imaging Associates. Interpretation of imaging requires a vast knowledge of anatomy and pathology and many years of experience; as one of the first imaging specialists in Australia, his experience is rivaled by few. His services are available here at our hospital on request.

Dr. Karina Graham

Dr. Karina Graham

Dr. Karina is a small animal medicine specialist we work closely with for those especially complex cases. Armed with an ultrasound and an endoscope, her expertise allows us to work up cases at our clinic at your convenience without compromising quality. Most importantly, she cares deeply about furbabies and is mad for cuddles – just like us!