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When it comes to your pet’s health, the most important decision you will make is whether to get them neutered. We have a holistic approach in helping you decide whether this is the best option for your dog or cat, and we are here every step of the way.

Castration is a routine surgical procedure that involves the removal of a dog’s or cat’s testicles, thus making them sterile. On the other hand, spaying commonly involves removal of the ovaries and uterus, meaning your pet will not produce any puppies or kittens.

There are pros and cons to desexing your pet and many factors need to be considered. Here are My Vet Animal Hospital, we encourage paw-parent to have a thorough discussion with our dedicated team of vets to understand and formulate the best outcome for their furbaby, which will help to determine if your pet is a good candidate for desexing and the best time to do it.



When should I desex my furbaby?
As a general rule, the recommended desexing time for larger breed dogs is much older than cats and smaller breed dogs.
How long do I have to wait to get my dog desexed after she comes onto heat?

For most healthy dogs, we always recommend waiting 4-8 weeks after a heat before getting them desexed. When a dog comes on heat, their uterus is significantly larger and a lot more fragile. The blood vessels will also increase during this time, and this can increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery.

How long is the recovery period?

The recovery period after a desexing procedure is around 10-14 days. After this time, majority of dogs can go back to their normal activities.

Can I bath my dog after the desexing surgery?

We do not advise pet-parents to bath their pets after their desexing procedure. There will be an incision wound and stitches that needs to be always kept dry and clean. Bathing/swimming is not recommended due to the risk of contamination into the wound area.

Does my pet need to wear a cone after their surgery?

Yes! It is very important for your pet to wear their cone at all times until the stitches are removed between 10-14 days. The aim of the cone is to prevent them from licking at the wound, which can cause the wound to break down, get infected, and even worse, open the incision and cause organ damage in some cases. This will cause your pet needing another surgery!

Does my pet go home with any pain relief medication?

Of course! All our patients will go home with pain relief medication at no extra charge. The desexing price includes all pain medications.

Do I need to come back for rechecks?

All our patients will return 3 days post-surgery to have their wound checked. The sutures will need to be removed at 10-14 days post-surgery.