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Puppy & Kitten

Wellness Exams

We’re proud to offer pet consultation, puppy and kitten wellness exams here at My Vet Animal Hospital, learn more below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Pet Consultations

It is important to bring your furbaby in for routine consultations and wellness checks to ensure that they are happy and healthy.

All visits will start with comprehensive history taking, including questions about their diet, activity, energy levels, behavioral changes, and even toileting routine!

Our dedicated team of veterinarians will then conduct a thorough nose-to-tail check-up. This routinely includes examining and assessment of their weight, oral cavity, dentition, heart and lungs, abdomen, musculoskeletal system & temperature (if required).

Routine diagnostic tests may be performed in addition to their vaccinations to keep your furbaby live a longer, happier life.

During this time, our dedicated vet will also create a personalised preventative care tailored to each furbaby’s needs and wants. Our exceptional veterinarians are well versed in all aspects of veterinary medicine. We use the latest technology for treatment and diagnostic testing, ensuring the highest level of care is given to your furbaby.

We pride ourselves on having some of the best facilities around – boasting a wide array of amenities fit for both you and your furbaby!

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Puppy & Kitten Wellness Exam

Getting a new puppy or kitten can be so stressful and all you want is to make sure that you are doing the right and BEST thing from the start. Most wellness visits at other animal hospitals are rushed and short, but we believe in giving you and your new fur-child (puppy or kitten) personalised attention so that you can ensure they get the best care they need and deserve.

About My Vet Animal Hospital
Pet Desexing

When your puppy or kitten come in for their first wellness exam, you’ll get a comprehensive consult which includes:

  • Most up to date vaccination protocol – helping you decide what is best suited for your pet. 
  • Individualised preventatives protocol – helping your pet avoid serious health issues based on their breed and lifestyle 
  • Desexing planning – what age and time frames are best for your pet
  • Dental care from an early age – avoid major dental complications and pain later in life by learning simple ways to prevent painful and expensive dental issues
  • Nutrition plan – your pet’s breed, lifestyle and age influence what kind of nutritional requirements they have. We’ll help you plan the right diet based on your pet’s needs.
  • Walk through pet insurance – learn what options are available and what makes sense for your pet depending on their breed and lifestyle
  • Discuss grooming needs – we got to keep them looking fur-tastic!
  • Free nail clip
  • Discussion about enrolment to puppy school

Get your pet set up for a happy and healthy life while getting all your questions answered. We’re here to be your furbaby’s personal caretaker (and of course vet)! You’ll have peace of mind in getting all your questions answered, and you’ll have a plan that covers everything from vaccinations to nutrition.

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