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Easter Surprise Recipe for Your Furbabies!! (even your furbabies could do it!)

Hi again to all my fluffy furry friends, it’s holiday time again!
This is my favourite time of year, as we get an extra few days over the Easter Break to spend time with our cuddly furbabies. Unfortunately, Easter can present a bit of a health risk to our furbabies with all the people eating chocolate or leaving chocolates around for Easter egg hunts- this is dangerous if your furbaby’s decide to take a bite. So please be very careful- keep your eyes peeled for chocolate placed in easy to reach places and parks or public areas. Chocolate is an absolute no no for furbabies!

However, our furbabies can have carob and one of my favourite things to do at Easter is to make these cute carob and yoghurt ‘eggs’. Make sure that any carob drops you buy have no chocolate content in them. For this recipe, you need the drops and some chocolate moulds- I bought mine from K-Mart.


-150g Carob Drops
-150g Yoghurt Drops
-Small Easter Egg Chocolate Mould (but an ice tray makes a great substitute)


1.Take your carob drops and yoghurt drops and place them all together in a glass bowl.

2.Take a small saucepan of water and place on medium heat on the stove. Place your glass bowl on top of the saucepan and allow them to slowly melt, stirring gently.

3.Once your drops have melted, use a teaspoon to fill your Easter Egg moulds. Gently tap the mould on the bench to spread and fill the gaps.

4.If you do accidentally overfill the mould, just use a butter knife to scrape off the excess and put it back into the bowl (or, if you get the puppy dog eyes from your furbaby, slip him some secretly).

5.Refrigerate until the chocolate/yoghurt mix has set (it should take about 20 minutes). Once they’ve set, you should be able to slide them easily out of the mould.

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