Chocolate, the love of my life and my BFF, is toxic to furbabies. It makes no sense! Chocolate is so delicious and I crave it all the time. If it’s any indication of the person I am, the chocolate I eat is AT LEAST 75% cocoa. I love it. And, yet, it’s probably the most toxic thing in my house.

The Toxic Twelve 

So many things I love are toxic to furbabies! I’ve taken a look in my medicine cabinet and my drawers and my larder and have compiled a list of the common things that might send my furbaby to the emergency room. If your furbaby ever gets into any of this, let us know ASAP.






Fatty Food

Xylitol (artificial sweetener)




Coffee (caffeine!)


And, don’t forget, furbabies can be so different from us. If in doubt, DON’T feed!

So, what can I feed my furbaby? 

You may be thinking, “Well, that’s no fun. My furbaby wants to share with me all the time!”

We saw that question coming, so we have an infographic for you! Here are some treats you can share. And they’re healthy, too!

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