Hello again paw-friends!

Summer is finally here and with the warm weather comes beach trips with the pups!

Beach days can be a blast when you bring your furbaby along but taking a dog to the beach requires some preparation and know-how to keep your furbaby safe while having fun in the water!

It’s important to remember that warm summer temperatures can pose a threat to a dog’s health. Even at the beach, don’t be fooled by the cool, oceanic breeze. It masks the true heat! Dogs can overheat easily, especially short muzzled breeds, so make sure that your dog can have access to shade under a beach umbrella or tree. Excessive panting is a common sign of overheating so if your dog is doing so, make them stop running and have a time out until the panting subsides. Also remember to pack a drinking bowl and bring plenty of fresh, cool water.

Puppy Pumba’s first day at the beach!

Just as we feel the scorching heat of the sand on our bare feet, so do our furry friends and it can burn their paws, so provide a blanket or towel for them to lie on. Dogs can also get sunburn too especially short-coated or light-colored breeds and those with pink or pale noses. You must use sunscreen that is made specifically for dogs that contain safe ingredients for them. Do not use sunscreen that contains zinc because it can be toxic and avoid sunscreens that contain fragrances because their skin is a lot more sensitive than human skin. After swimming, clean your dog’s ears with a veterinary cleaning solution prescribed by your vet then flick the ears to let them dry.  This will help to prevent ear infections from developing in case any sea water gets inside their ears.

Waffles at the beach in Mauritius!

The beach is fun, but it does have hazards, such as ingesting ocean water or other questionable objects, possible cuts, other injuries and even the potential of drowning. Discourage your dog from drinking seawater because the excessive amount of salt will make them sick because seawater is a gastrointestinal irritant that can work as a laxative or cause vomiting. Bring a first aid kit with you in case of cut paws, packed with cotton balls and bandages. For puppies and dogs that don’t swim well, consider giving them a doggie life jacket to wear so that they doesn’t overtire themselves in the water. Always supervise any dog while in or near the water and be cautious of rip tides, sharks and deep water. Salt water on a dog’s skin and paws can be irritating, so a fresh-water rinse before leaving the beach or shortly after arriving home will help keep their skin and coat healthy.

Finally, remember to bring plenty of towels to dry them and line the car seat where your dog sits for the ride home but be prepared for excess sand and hair everywhere!

Now before all of you get too excited by these beach photos, wondering where in Sydney it is because it looks so beautiful you want to take your dogs there…. Unfortunately it’s not in Sydney, actually it’s not even in Australia! It’s in Mauritius where I’m from – sorry for getting your hopes up!

Okay. I’m going to enjoy the beach now. Have fun everyone!

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