We’ve all experienced 40 degree Aussie summer day… but for a cat, the heat can be deadly! As cats only sweat from their paws,  their methods of cooling are limited. Here are our tips for keeping your furbaby cool and safe this summer!

1. Make them a cool retreat!

Use a cardboard box to create a cool, dark spot for her to retreat to in this hot weather! Line her new cool retreat with cotton or terry towel, place in a quiet spot and add water bottles filled with cool water and ice cubes or  dry towels that have been placed in the freezer over night!

2. Leave the aircon running

But make sure cats with no fur or a short coat can escape if it gets too chilly! If you don’t have aircon, leave windows open (with fly screens in place of course!) and use fans to promote air circulation and to cool the room down. Keeping the blinds down can also help to prevent the room from heating up in the first place!

I really feel the cold.

3. Cool Treats 

Canned cat food frozen in ice cube tray makes an excellent icy treat for our feline friends.

4. Fresh water

Make sure they have access to fresh water at all times. You can do this by giving them chilled water from the fridge or adding a few ice-cubes to their water. Lots of cats love to drink from running water, so also consider investing in a drinking fountain or leave a tap dripping slowly into a bowl for them.

5. Limiting exercise 

Active play increases your furbaby’s core body temp. So it’s best to limit play to the early morning or later afternoon when the outside temperature is lower.

6. Grooming

Daily brushing keeps mats away, which traps body heat. If you have long haired cats with lots of matted hair, speak to your vet about strategic clipping options such as belly clips, which protect the delicate skin but help to keep your cat cool. Most cats won’t mind your brushing their coat with a moist towel either!

7. Avoid car trips

Car trips are best avoided if possible and remember to never leave your cat in the car, even if it’s only for a short period!

8. Sunscreen 

Just like people, cats with pink skin and fair coats are predisposed to sunburn and skin cancers! These are best avoided by keeping blinds down and using a pet-friendly sunscreen.

What?! I have to wear sunscreen too!?

9. Be aware of the signs of heat stress

Heat stress is an emergency condition that affects the whole body of the furbaby. Because cats are not very good at cooling down their body temperature, they can quickly become overheated. Furbabies affected by heat stress appear distressed and restless > drool large amounts of saliva from the nose and or mouth > becomes unsteady on their feet > collapse and in severe cases, they can die from heat stress! Some furbabies may also vomit and if you are observant, you may notice their pulse is racing and their tongue appears red.

Final words 

I hope these tips will help to keep your precious furbabies cool and comfy this summer! If you notice any of the signs of heatstroke in your cat, contact your local vet immediately!

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