Hi there my furbabies!

Christmas is just around the corner and you must be excited! I hope that you have been good so that your socks will be filled with lots of yummy treats and pawesome presents! It must be so exciting to see all the presents under the Christmas tree! But what’s more exciting, must be the yummy and delicious food that comes along with Christmas!

However, this is the time when my Mummy (Dr Lee) is most worried. A lot of furbabies come into the hospital being sick, as they were being fed the wrong types of food. ☹ So, let’s do a quick recap on what types of food are BAD and TOXIC to us! Remember everyone, the food listed below, can KILL US!

Let’s go through the list together!

1. Chocolates: -The darker the chocolate, the more toxic they are for pets. Even the smallest amount can be lethal to certain furbabies!

2. Onions & Garlic: Onions and garlic in all forms eg powdered, raw, cooked, or dehydrated are all harmful to your furbabies! They can destroy their red blood cells, leading to anaemia.

3. Avocados: The toxic ingredient in avocado is called persin. The toxin may be confined to the leaves, bark, skin and can even be found in the fruit itself.

4. Macadamia nuts: Raw or roasted, they can cause locomotory difficulties. The toxic compound is unknown and there is no known antidote.

5. Fatty foods: Fatty foods such as fat trimmings, sausages and ham can cause a disease called pancreatitis in dogs. Pancreatitis is a very serious and painful illness. This disease is commonly lethal to dogs too, which is something that we do not want to happen!

6. Grapes, raisins: Even the smallest amount is extremely toxic! They can cause kidney failures!

There goes our Christmas pudding!

7. Alcohol, Tobacco: Beer, liquor, wine, foods containing alcohol, none of them are good for your furbabies. Alcohol has the same effect on their liver and brain, however, only a small amount can have a detrimental effect. It can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, central nervous system depression, problems with coordination, difficulty breathing, coma, even death. The smaller the dog, the greater the effect/damage.

8. Mouldy food

9. Pits: for example peaches, cherry, plums etc. As we all know, our little furbabies tend to be quite lazy when it comes to chewing! Hence, fruits with pits can be very dangerous! When whole pits are being swallowed, they can pose a serious risk and cause obstructions in their gastrointestinal tract.

10. Xylitol (fake sweetener): The two main deadly effects are hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels) and liver failure. A dose as low as 0.1g per kilogram of body weight is enough to cause hypoglycaemia! A typical stick of gum contains 0.3-0.4g of xylitol, which means that a 4.5kg dog could be poisoned by as little as a stick and a half of gum!

11. Paracetamols (eg Panadol): Paracetamol contains the active ingredient acetaminophen and can cause liver failure if ingested.

12. Caffeinated drinks: Caffeine in large enough quantities can be fatal for your furbabies. And, there is no antidote. Symptoms of caffeine poisoning include restlessness, rapid breathing, heart palpitations, muscle tremors, fits, and bleeding.

Cats and dogs are lactose intolerant. That means, some furbabies can handle higher doses of lactose compare to others. Just like us humans. That is why some pets (not a lot of them!) do not suffer from sloppy poos when they eat dairy products like cheese and milk. Remember, not all furbabies are the same!

Stay safe my furbabies during this Christmas and New Years period. Just remember, when in doubt, DO NOT feed! Better safe than sorry!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my Furbabies! Pawty on!!

Lots of love,

Inspector Chu

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