It’s the second week of the New Year! We’re a bit late to the resolution game – despite talking all the time about our goals – so here we are to make up for it.

Our distinguished Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Siao Chu, is starting the year with a simple resolution: to become Insta-famous. And how nice is his headshot??? He will also finally figure out this Facebook thing and make sure his mummy makes more videos of him and documents his fabulous life.

Fun fact: his ideal day is having his mummy carry him to a cafe and feed him on the way there.

Obi Wan Kenobi, our Chief Operating Officer (COO), is already Insta-famous, so he’s decided that his goal is to manage his slaves staff better. He would like everyone to know that management has always been his priority and that Instagram is just a hobby.

With our CMO and COO combining their talents, you can expect a fantastic year ahead. We’re super excited to share our lives with you. This thing we do – this veterinary medicine thing where we try our best to care for and heal your furbabies – is a point of passion for us. We’re always learning and we’re always improving, so we’re glad you’ve joined us for the ride!

Dr. Cherlene wants to spend more time with Chu. She also wants to improve her knowledge on nutrition. Also, she loves food.

Dr. Charis wants to read more books this year. We have no idea why.

Dr. Yuka is hoping to continue her work in behaviour! Her resolution for Basil is for him to stop eating everyone’s food.

Kay’s going to finish off her management diploma and continue being our super nurse/practice manager. She’s also looking to upgrade Obi’s wardrobe.

Jenna’s resolution is to become more active. Her little puppy Jinny’s going to join more agility courses, too!

Bao’s cutting out refined sugar for the first quarter of the year! Then, processed foods. She’s managed to resist chocolate so far, so we’re impressed.

Giselle’s primed to break her selfie record – she’s going to take selfies with all the cats.

Jess is getting ready to survive another year of vet school in Camden!

Wishing all of you a wonderful 2018 ahead! May you emerge from this year a little wiser and a little kinder and a little happier – that’s just how we make the world a bit of a better place.

So…what’s your resolution this new year? Do you have any tips for us?

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