Most of our cat furbabies here in My Vet Animal Hospital are strictly indoors cats, which leads to the most common question, “What can I do to entertain my cat?”. Having a strictly indoor cat has many benefits for their health and wellbeing. However, cats are highly intelligent animals who need lots of entertainment to keep them as happy as they can be!

So, I’ve put together 5 PURRFECT tips on what you can do to help keep your kitty cat entertained and happy!

1. Stalking prey

Cats naturally have predatory behaviour,  so indulge your kitty cat’s urge to hunt. This is easily fulfilled in an indoor setting by getting a treat dispensing toy and start feeding their dry biscuits in it. Cats LOVE working for their food!

Sophie working for her tucker!

2. Mix it up

It is very important to rotate your furbaby’s toys regularly and play new games with them. They can get bored easily so it is good to keep them guessing on which toy they will be getting today!

The great white hunter in action!

3. Curiosity killed the cat!

Cats love to explore! Help them do this by placing new cardboard boxes and paper bags (with the handles cut off!) thorough the house. Watch them entertain themselves for hours or every days!

4. Change of scenery

Indoor cats can get bored easily and sometimes all you need it to give them something new to watch by playing footage of birds on an Ipad or TV. There are games that you can download onto your iPad for your kitty cat! How cool is that? Want something even fancier? Why not try a mechanical aquarium – they will be memorised! If you are feeling brave, add a bird feeder to a nice sunny window.

5. Your highness!

Cats have a strong instinct to climb and get up high to relax. They are compelled to seek out high places so that they are able to observe their territory without worrying about predators. This also gives them a chance to keep an eye out for prey (aka you!). So invest in tall cat condos or cat shelves as it will give your little prince or princess a natural high!

Time to chill….zzzzzz

Hope these tips have given you some fresh ideas on how to keep your indoor kitty entertained!

Princess Sophie caught in the act!

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