Christmas and New Year are just around the corner! While we’re SO ready for a holiday, we can’t help but worry about our furbaby patients!!!

There’s something so magical about fireworks – they’re just breathtakingly beautiful! But it’s no surprise that our furbabies don’t share the same excitement about the fireworks. After all, their hearing is so much better than ours!

When there are fireworks, many dogs and cats can become very stressed because of the noise! They often end up getting lost or, worse, they can get hit by cars! Noise phobia is an extremely common condition in dogs and cats. Can you imagine hearing lots of loud noises and having no idea what’s going on? It’s super scary!

So, to keep your furbabies safe this New Year’s Eve, we’ve made a quick checklist for you to follow:

Preparation before NYE

1. Make sure your pet’s microchipped and your details are up-to-date. Have you checked that your phone number and the home address is correct? Log on to your account on and check!

2. Is your backyard/house secure? Dogs and cats can climb higher than you think! It must be all that adrenaline. And don’t forget to keep the balcony door closed! In short, make sure you have a secure place for your furbabies this new year’s eve.

3. Prepare a place for your furbaby to hide. This can be a crate, a cardboard box, or table with a cloth over it. It should be small and cozy, enclosed and comfortable with a bedding. Be prepared! Before the big day, take some time to create a positive association with this area by using treats and toys.

If you know your pets are sensitive to loud noise…

4. Consult your veterinarian to see if there is any medication to help them through the night.

5. Purchase a Thundershirt in advance. Don’t forget to get your furbaby used to clothes first!

6. Start using Feliway/Adaptil in advance (at least a few days before NYE)

7. Purchase a satellite tracker
Now, there are many satellite trackers that allow you to track a tag on your furbaby using your phone. If you know your furbabies are sensitive to noise and you’re worried about them getting out, this is definitely worth your money!

Preparation on the night of NYE

1. Big walk for your dog/big play for your cat on the afternoon/night of NYE to tire them out. Exhausted animals are more likely to sleep through an ordeal.
2. Give them their favorite toy/treat just before the fireworks to distract them.
3. Put the TV or radio on as background noise.
4. Cover the windows with a dark curtain to block the light of the fireworks.
5. Put the Thundershirt on them 1 hour before the NYE fireworks
6. Make sure the Feliway/Adaptil diffuser is turned on.

Hopefully, it will not come to this but if your furbabies do get lost on NYE, here are tips to find them:

1. Call the local pound! If you’ve updated your microchip details, they should be able to identify you with ease.
2. Call veterinary clinics in the area. Make sure to leave your details so they can call you back if your furbaby is brought in later throughout the day. Many veterinary clinics open on the 2nd of January. Your furbaby can travel a long way overnight so call clinics beyond your local suburb.
3. Call your local council to update the microchip status to “missing”. When your furbaby’s microchip is scanned, your furbaby will be flagged as an missing animal.
4. Make sure you have your phone at all times.
5. Post on missing animal Facebook pages
6. Post your missing furbaby on the local Lost and Found page

Last Words…

Fireworks can become stressful for the whole family. If you have any questions, leave it in comments!

Stay safe this holidays and we’ll see you next year!

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