On the 16th of February 2018, you’ll have a second go at 2018! To celebrate the coming Lunar New Year, here are a couple of fun facts about the Zodiac!

Source: By Jakub Hałun – Own work, GFDL.

1) The Zodiac origin story is pretty epic
It involves a cutthroat celestial race hosted by a heavenly monarch. The prize: glory, immortalised in the Zodiac. A race so important that the rat backstabbed his best friend, the cat, and left him for dead. This is apparently why cats hate rats. Who knew?

2) In this celestial race, the dog came 11th…out of 12 animals
Why? He was too busy playing in the river and almost forgot about his meeting with the Jade Emperor. He only beat the pig who had fallen asleep after a big meal.

Fun fact: Siao Chu means little pig. And based on the story, we’re not 100% sure he wouldn’t have come in last.

3) You have a Zodiac sign!
If you know your birth year, you have a Zodiac sign! If you’re born in the year of the dog, you’re loyal, honest, and friendly (that sounds familiar!). You can then narrow down to the elements – water, wood, earth, fire, and metal.

That said, your Zodiac sign is also assigned by the month you were born, the day you were born, and the hour you were born – you could be a Dog but an internal Pig and a secret Rabbit. This forms part of scrying your destiny. Except I’m not an astrologer, so you probably shouldn’t take it from me.

4) Have we mentioned 2018 is the year of the dog?
Every year should be the year of the dog, really. And we should really find a way to sneak cats in (like the Vietnamese did!)

This means that you’ll start to see the cutest dog-themed collectibles. Like these red packets!

(Source: Qoo10)

There are also artsy little accessories, lanterns, figurines, stickers, notepads – you name it, there’s probably some iteration of it.

I’m personally most excited for the cute desserts!


How can you resist???

5) You can celebrate the year of the dog!

We personally think that celebrating the Lunar New Year is a fantastic idea. If you’ve broken your resolutions, just start over! Not to mention that the Lunar New Year comes with loads of fun traditions involving food, family, and friends.

Carry on the tradition of red packets! It’s like stuffing a Christmas stocking except with money. Chu and Obi are getting little red packets with treats in them! We’ll skip the firecrackers this time ’round, but we’re definitely grabbing some yum cha with friends. My fondest memories involve sitting at my grandma’s and having easy access to new year snacks. It’s also a great excuse for a dinner with family; the Lunar New Year is primarily celebrated with huge family reunions.

Will you be celebrating the Lunar New Year with your furbaby? We’re awaiting your brilliant ideas and we can’t wait to share ours!

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