Who’s ready for summer? While I do love the summer sun, I love staying cool even more! I get super stressed when thinking of Chu overheating, especially on those days I can feel the heat radiating off the pavements. I’m even more conscious when we’re at the park because he’s more prone to overheating when he’s excited.

Overheating is dangerous – it’s the reason we don’t leave either human or furbabies in cars. Treatment is difficult and the worst cases result in death. That’s why I think it’s so important to keep our pets cool in summer! Here are my top 5 tips for staying cool in the summer.

1. Stay hydrated!

Your pet needs to drink lots of water in the heat to help them cool down! Carry water with you and offer them water every 15 minutes or when you notice that they’re starting to pant more heavily.

Collapsible bowls are the best. Water is easy to find but who wants to lug a bowl around? Instead of sharing those public water bowls – which are often questionable – have a collapsible bowl handy. Keep it clipped to your lead or chuck it into your bag. It’s super easy!

2. Cool down with a cooling mist

I’m a huge fan of mists because the worst thing you can do is cool an overheating dog down too quickly. (Cooling an overheating dog too quickly can have disastrous consequences.)
There are specialty cooling mists on the market in Japan but, really, all you need is an effective way to mist water on to the skin. You could make your own with a facial mister (on eBay or at a local store).

Don’t buy into the fancy additives – you don’t need the essential oils to help cool your dog down. Some might not cause harm, but it’s difficult to know, especially if your dog has sensitive skin.

If you’re feeling fancy, you could even share your Evian Facial Spray.

Chu stays cool and I get to share! Win!

3. Yummy, icy treats

I crave frozen yogurt and ice cream and ice-cold tea all summer. Who doesn’t love icy treats when it’s sweltering outside? Your furbabies will love them too!

Here are a few of my favourite ideas!


We love these so much, we’ve devoted a blog post to it! They’re such easy treats. And, even better, these are healthy treats you can share!

Frozen Kong

Think of their favourite foods and have fun with it! For example, Chu loves peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Mash up the ingredients and add some water, if needed, to make it a thick slurry. For savoury treats, I substitute water with homemade chicken stock. I, then, stuff the Kong with a slurry and put into the freezer for a few hours.

Don’t forget to poke a hole through the slurry as it’s freezing! Over-enthusiastic furbabies may accidentally create a vacuum as they’re licking and get their tongue stuck!

Fruit Cubes

For fruit-loving furbabies, fruit cubes are an easy, delicious option. All it takes is chopping up your furbaby’s favourite fruit and placing them in an ice cube tray with water. Freeze and done!

4. Super soaks!

A nice swim or a romp around the garden with the hose can be a fun way to play in the summer! Who can resist the water when it’s so hot out?

That said, using the hose can also be useful when your pet is overheating. Just remember to wet your pet evenly. If your pet is in distress due to heatstroke and you need to transport them to your nearest veterinarian, drape a soaked towel over your pet’s body. Remember, the point is to cool them down slowly, so never use icy water.

5. Take a break

Be aware of your furbaby’s limits! It’s very important to their activity levels when they’re outside in the heat. As you probably already know, our pets can get very excited and chase a ball until they collapse! If you feel like they are panting very hard and breathing heavily, take them to a shaded area and let them rest with plenty of water to drink. While taking a break, you can also wet them down with water or give them a good mist.

Chu all exhausted from chasing the ball!

Have a wonderful and safe summer! I hope you found these tips helpful!

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