To be honest, throwing a party for Chu didn’t really cross my mind until I started seeing more and more people doing it for their furbaby. Chu and I had a serious case of FOMO. Chu must have felt left out for the past 8 years of his life!!!

That probably explains his excessive barking (…at least partly?)

I’ve decided to throw a party for Chu this year because he is officially entering his senior years. He’s been through so much with me, I thought it would be nice to celebrate the next stage of his life with him. It would be awful if something happened to Chu and I missed the opportunity to celebrate him.

For those who aren’t too familiar with how Chu became my furbaby, I first met Chu as a pet store reject. The whole litter – his brothers and sisters – were very ill and a few of them had already been put to sleep due to cost (not on any owner’s behalf).

I remember turning up to work and seeing this little white ball of fluff sitting in the cage on his own. He looked absolutely miserable with a fluid line sticking out of his little leg. None of the staff members could take him home as he wasn’t fully vaccinated. At this point, I had lost my dog a year ago and had just moved into a brand new apartment. I decided to take him in. WORST idea ever, he still hasn’t left.

Jokes. We both have separation anxiety. I don’t know what I’ll do if he ever leaves.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when throwing a birthday party for your furbaby.

1) Write down your guest list
Remember to split your guest list into hoo-mans and furbabies. This is very important to help ensure everyone gets enough paw-sonel space (especially on a day that involves lots of food). Keep in mind what the birthday boy/girl prefers too! We all know furbabies out there who are really more hoo-man than pooch.

In general, a shorter guest list will give you more venue options; if your guest list has more than 10-12 dogs, aim for big open spaces like an off-leash park. Which brings us to the next point…

2) Choose a date and venue

Remember how I said you have more options if you have a smaller group? You’ll have a great amount of flexibility with options like:

For us, however, the park was perfect.

3) Decide on the theme

For Chu’s birthday, we decided to go for a nautical theme. You can get some inspiration from Pinterest by searching “kid’s party”. Alternatively, if you’re SUPER creative, come up with your own theme! (Share your ideas with me!)

4) Send the invites

This is very important for planning! Get your guests to RSVP, so you can make sure no one misses out! Most importantly, you can definitely make sure there will be enough food.

You can send invites out by mail or electronically. Chu is our Chief Marketing Officer, so he decided to send his invites electronically. He likes them because they’re good for the environment and they’re free to send and services like Paperless Post will help you keep tabs of your guestlist for you!

5) Birthday Cake

One must not forget the birthday cake! It can be nice to make your own because regular human birthday cakes are a huge no-no for your furbaby. This is especially nice if you’re already an excellent baker – unlike me, I’m just an excellent eater.

If you’re baking, a pup-cake tower for all your furbaby guests is an excellent idea. Big cakes can lead to an upset tummy (I’m thinking of all the greedy furbabies who want an extra big slice). Small little pupcakes can be just nice to minimise the chances of an upset tummy! Check out this amazing pupcake recipe by Kay!

Because I’m more of an eater than a baker and I wanted a gorgeous cake that would fit our theme, I ordered Chu’s cake from Cake Mania. It was pet-friendly and very, very human-friendly. I’ve had a lot of cake. A lot.

For those wondering, Cake Mania is a human bakery and all the ingredients were pre-approved by a vet. Have a chat with your vet!

6) Optional Extras

If you really want to celebrate your furbaby’s birthday in style, there are a few extras you can consider:

  • A professional photographer for the day
  • Goodie bags for all your guests
  • A special grooming session prior to the event (to look paw-tastic for the day).
  • Birthday outfit
  • A photo booth hire

If it all seems rather overwhelming, be like Chu and hire an event planner at Mummy’s expense. This will give you more time to focus on enjoying the special day with your furbaby rather than stressing out on the day. This is all about celebrating your furbaby, remember?

Chu’s party planner was Chloe who did a really, really good job making the party paw-tastic! When we started the day, Chu thought we were going to work. Little did he know that the park was filled with all his favourite things! Balls, food, his friends, food, toys, and more food!

Remember to HAVE FUN. At the end of the day, all that matters is that your furbaby is happy! When Chu is happy, I am happy! #truelove


  • Luna Wear for the adorable nautical bandanas
  • Bona Fide for the vouchers to their super lux collection
  • Blackmores for the super nice smelling shampoo
  • Hill’s for the t/d and Youthful Vitality food! It was so thoughtful of them because many of Chu’s friends are creeping toward their golden years and/or don’t like brushing their teeth.
  • Hill’s also for their doggy sleeping bags! We’re ready to go camping now.
  • Working with Woofers for the vouchers
(Bancho and Bowie wondering when the next party is)
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