A simple video showing you a simple trick that you can use to administer tablets to your wriggly cat!

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Put the pill into the tip of the device
  2. Open the mouth of your furbaby and tilt the head backwards
  3. Push down to release the tablet

Video Transcript:

Welcome to My Vet how to videos. My name is Doctor Cherlene Lee and today I’ll be showing you a really cool device that you can use when giving tablets to your little kitty cat.

So, as we all know, cats have really sharp teeth and a tiny mouth. There is this little device that is called a pill popper. It comes in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. This is the one that’s sitting at the back in our hospital. So, the whole idea is, it’s rubbery on the end, so you can just pop it down like that.

Because it is rubbery on the end, you’re not going to hurt the animal in terms of, you’re not going to hurt the back of the throat. So, you put the pill, down here like that. So, when you press, the pill just ejects outwards like that. You have the little cat, so, you open the mouth and tilt the head backwards open, push down and pressing and that’s it done.

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