Want to learn how to give tablets or pills to your cat, just like a real vet would? This handy video tutorial by Dr. Cherlene, a veterinarian at My Vet, will teach you how!

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Hold the pill in your right hand
  2. Using your left hand, hold just in between where the cheeks are
  3. Tilt the head all the way up. Make sure the nose is pointing to the ceiling – this will help the jaw to open
  4. Put the tablet all the way in the mouth
  5. If needed, a few squirts of water can really help the cat to swallow

Video Transcript:

Welcome to My Vet Animal Hospital How-To videos. Today I will be showing you, how to give a tablet to a little cat.
So, pretty much… I’m right handed so I have the pill in my right hand, so using your left hand just hold in between where the cheeks are. The important bit is where the nose has to point to the ceiling, then the bottom of their mouth will open (or their jaw). So tilt all the way up, open, put (the tablet) all the way in close, and if you need to a bit of water. I find with cats a bit of water really helps. And that’s it!

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