Hello my furbabies!

One question that I get asked all the time is, “Which flea, worming and heartworm product(s) is/are best for my furbaby?”. There are so many different options out there in the big big world and it is easy for one to get confuse. One top of that, you have different products telling you to do different things all in one go! Flea treatment to be applied once a month, intestinal worming once every 1 or 3 months, heartworm treatment once a year or once a month….and the list goes on!

So, I’ve decided to put all the common preventative care products in an Excel spread sheet so that it is easier for all pet owners to compare all the products.

To break it down nicely, there are 4 main categories that you will need to worry about:

1) Flea treatment: This is usually done on a monthly basis.

2) Intestinal Worming: This can be done given on a monthly basis (depending on the product) or once every 3 months.

3) Heartworm: This is different to intestinal worming. Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes. A lot of veterinarians like to advocate yearly injections. I personally do not like this because the needle that we have to use to inject your furbabies is BIG and can be very painful especially for little babies under 10kgs! Chu screams the house down and sometimes, some dogs will bleed from receiving the injections. Hence, I usually advocate monthly administration using tablets or top spots (stuff that you put at the back of their neck on their fur).

4) Ticks: Unfortunately, Australia is home to a deadly tick called Paralysis Tick. They are very dangerous and lethal. None of the tick products in the current market gives 100% coverage, hence, checking your furbabies daily for ticks is very important, especially if you are in a tick prevalent area.

Hope this helps and feel free to pass on this cheat sheet to a friend!

I’ll be releasing Kitty Cheat Sheet next time! So, stay tuned! Til then, have a wonderful weekend!


Inspector Chu

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