Hi my Furbabies!

My last blog was all about our woofy friends, this time around, let’s focus on our kitty cat friends.

Luckily, there isn’t as many options in terms of products for our kitty friends (pheww…less confusion here). So, with cats, there are again 4 different things that you will need to worry about.

1) Fleas – treatment for fleas usually comes in a top spot (stuff that you put behind their neck) or monthly oral tablets.

2) Intestinal worms – this usually comes in a tablet form and should be given once very 3 months. There are some products such as Advocate (top spot) that covers some intestinal worms which is given on a monthly basis.

3) Heartworm – this usually comes in a top spot application and this should be done on a monthly basis.

4) Paralysis ticks – the only preventative treatment for cats is a spray or top spot. Remember, nothing is 100%, hence checking your cat on a daily basis if they are at risk is vital.

But wait, my cat is strictly indoors and NEVER goes outside, so I don’t need any of the above right? Well, unfortunately, you will still need to treat them as they can get intestinal worms from playing with insects/cockroaches (which can carry the worms!). Your next door neighbour’s dog can get fleas and those nasty little things can jump into your apartment!

But yes, if your cat isn’t out bush walking/wandering around then the chances of him/her getting paralysis ticks is very rare (but remember, you can bring them back when you go bush walking!).

Hope this little cheat sheet is helpful and now you are officially a Flea/Worm Ninja!

Have a wonderful week ahead and remember, share this around with all your friends!


Inspector Chu

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