Hi Furbabies,

Tonight, I was in a consult with a dog that I have been looking after since he was a little pup and he is currently dealing with some anxiety issues. I had a really good conversation with the owner and it’s been making me think about it a lot. I can’t really sleep and hence this late post. It made me realise that I haven’t really opened up to all of you. Everyone thinks that I have the perfect dog, I don’t. Chu is not perfect.

Chu when he was around 8 weeks of age. He was very sick as a puppy, from seizures to having blood transfusion, he has been through it all since a young age.

This is the FIRST time he ate chocolates. We had to induce vomiting and this is him feeling rather sorry for himself.
As many of you would have known, I have a little boy name Siao Chu aka Chu. I want all of you to know that even though I am a vet and love my son very much, at the end of the day, I am still human and my little man has been through a lot of things that you have gone through too. From eating chocolates, being hit by a car, skin allergies, blood transfusions, seizures and bouts of diarrhoea, Chu has suffered through it all. He also has anxiety and suffers from really bad separation anxiety, and hence, Mummy has decided to build her own vet hospital so that I can “hide” and “cure” his separation anxiety. Most of you will know that Chu will wait outside of the consult door, staring at me at all times while I am consulting with your furbaby. Some of your might be “lucky” to see him body slamming himself against the consult door trying to get in.

This is the SECOND time he ate some chocolate. The black liquid is charcoal powder.

He lost 2 teeth after being hit by a scooter.

Milking it. Chu was very good at making me feel bad about the fact that he has been hit by a car. Insisted on only eating on my bed.

Being stung by a bee.
Every owner that comes in with their furbaby that is sick, I often hear them saying, “I am such a terrible owner”. It doesn’t make you or me a bad owner (although I will always think that it is my fault that I should be more cautious). It makes us human, you and I. What’s important is that you are here, in consult, getting your furbaby on the road of recovery.

What have I done so far to help Chu with his anxiety besides building a vet hospital and being able to take him to work with me? On the weekends before I leave him at home, I make sure that he gets plenty of exercise. I have also learnt to be ok when he wants to be independent when he is at home (because I am so used to him being my little shadow, literally!). It was very hard at first because I think that I have a more severe case of separation anxiety than him! Yup, I know where he is at all times, I can see him at the corner of my eyes. Where is he now? In his bed, which is ONE metre away from my bed. We worked hard with a dog trainer from Working With Woofers to help his anxiety and it paid off. He doesn’t howl or cry when we leave him at home anymore.

I want to let everyone know that they have been a super paw-parent and that you all should be congratulated and saluted for being so pawesome and loving to your furbaby. Keep up the good work and remember to always be kind to each other! And remember, we are always here for you and your furbaby, in sickness and in health!

Sending lots of love to everyone! xx

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