We all love our pets dearly, they become a loved member of the family and for the most part (when they haven’t eaten our favourite shoes or stolen our dinner) we would do anything for them. Being in the veterinary industry it breaks our heart to hear of lost pets or those who have accidentally ran away from home, but thankfully we live in the age of social media and often a simple photo can help identify/advertise for lost furbabies. But what if there was a way to just log in to a phone app and keep track of where your pet is? Well it’s here, the new high tech gadget that is going to solve the issues of locating your pet, the POD TRACKER.

This clever device is fitted with a GPS tracking system, which attaches to your pets collar. The unique barrel design goes relatively unnoticed by your pet and it features a custom strapping mechanism that allows you to fit it appropriately no matter the size of your pet. Moreover the Pod Tracker is fitted with two interchangeable batteries meaning you never have to remove the unit from your pets collar.

The Pod Tracker has the additional benefits of being able to monitor your pets activity and fitness levels, which makes it perfect for all you gym-junkies and gadget lovers or perhaps for those owners whose pets suffer diabetes or are needing to lose weight (cough cough.. labradors..cough cough).

The Pod Tracker will allow you to customise safe perimeter zones and should your pet leave this zone and alert will be sent to your phone – pretty cool!

Now for the technical stuff… The Pod is supported by a Pod mobile app and the website (http://www.podtrackers.com/)

Key features of the Pod include:

-Real-time location
-Activity tracking
-Fully waterproof
-Perimeter alerts
-Interchangeable batteries
-No monthly fees or contracts

Pod is partnered with Vodafone nationally and has partner networks around the World to provide communication between the Pod and the app. The first 12 months of mobile data and SMS are included with the unit based on standard usage and there is a renewal option for approx. $49 per year from year 2 onwards. The cost for the Pod Tracker is currently set at $239.00

Pod Tracker Global Coverage pattern is extensive.

Being a veterinarian and the owner of two adorable Labradors (Rosie and Pepper), my greatest fear is coming home and finding they have escaped somehow and not knowing where they are. The Pod Tracker can give you that piece of mind that your beloved furbabies are safe and sound at home.

If you are interested in the Pod Tracker head to http://www.podtrackers.com/ or find their app at the iTunes store and soon to be on Google play.

Love Flea-yonće x.

All pictures from this blog were taken from the aforementioned website.

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