Mark your calendar! My Vet is throwing the best furbaby party EVER. We’re SO excited. Click here to visit the event page and buy tickets.

Nova had the BEST day!

On the 3rd of November, we’re hosting the ULTIMATE in furbaby parties! We’re not just throwing a Halloween party, we’re hosting a full-on carnival!!! How often does your furbaby get to go to the carnival???

Need more reasons that a fun day out on a sunny Saturday? Read on!

1) It’s for a good cause!

Last year we supported the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home in their efforts to find a new, permanent facility. This year, we’re supporting the Assistance Dogs Australia!

This wonderful group raises little puppies into the full-grown superheroes they were called to be. People with physical disabilities can count on their super cute, superhero companions to open and close doors, take washing out of the machine, pay at the cashier – they do the little things we take for granted, easing the load on people with disabilities and making life that much easier.

The tricky thing? It costs tens of thousands of dollars to prepare a puppy for superhero life. Yet, these dogs are integral to the independence and quality of life of the disabled.

ALL proceeds from the event go straight to the Assistance Dogs Australia!

2) COMMUNE: A fantastic place to party!

COMMUNE has generously opened their doors to us again. Their aesthetic is so perfect for a Howloween carnival.

We see ourselves as more than just a clinic, we see ourselves as a part of the community. That drives the heart behind this party, we want to raise awareness for a good cause while fostering a sense of community. That’s why we love partnering with COMMUNE! COMMUNE enables so much to happen in Waterloo and we love their heart of community and collaboration.

3) Did someone say carnival?

When we say carnival, we don’t just mean red and white stripes and balloons. We mean classic carnival games you can impress your furbaby with – show them how skilled you are and win them prizes! We mean carnival food that both of you can enjoy! We mean a photo booth with props, so you’ll have a personalised memento of the day.

And, seriously, where else will you go for a furbaby carnival? Exactly.

4) Your furbaby is red carpet ready!

What would a My Vet Howloween Party be without a runway show? The HIGHLIGHT of our Halloween party every year is – hands down – the red carpet event! Just as we love ogling at well-dressed celebrities, we love well-dressed furbabies (we probably love costumed furbabies more). What could be cuter???

5) We love spoiling our furbabies!

We take online shopping offline with a curated selection of brands we know your furbaby will love. Get to know the people behind the passion and see what suits your furbaby up-close!

Do you need more reasons? Check out our photos from last year! (And keep in mind we’re doing it EVEN BETTER.)

Early birds get in for $15! That’s $15 for entry, a goody bag, carnival tickets, finger food, and tons of fun! We have a limited number of early bird tickets and, after, tickets are $20! So, what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket today!!!

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