We are here to set the record straight!

1. A dog licking his wound is good for healing

FALSE – Dog saliva was once believed to be antiseptic, and some people still believe it has healing properties. It’s now recognized that when dogs lick their wounds, they remove dead tissue which does ‘clean’ the wound, but equally deposits bacteria. Excess licking can also slow the healing by preventing the new tissue from growing. The wound is best treated medically by veterinarians.

2. Chocolate can KILL your Dog!

TRUE! – Chocolate is indeed bad for them and large amounts of cocoa are highly toxic! It’s particularly unfortunate considering how much them seem to LOVE chocolate and always manage to get into our hidden stash. The level of toxicity depends on the amount ingested, the strength of the chocolate and the size of your dog. Generally speaking, darker the chocolate, more toxic it is. If your dog ingested chocolate, best to contact your vet clinic.

3. Dog nose must be wet

FALSE – Many people believe in correlation between the nose and the overall health condition of a dog – for example, wet and cold nose is sign of health. There is no scientific backing to this. Dog nose is wet because there is a narrow duct that runs from the eyes to the nose and empties tear. Wet nose is believed to help trap smell particles in the air. However, it doesn’t mean dogs with dry warm nose are sick and dogs with wet cold noise are.

Meeya’s nose working hard.

4. Female dogs should have one litter before being spayed/desexed.

FALSE – It’s the opposite. The chance of breast cancer in female dogs is greatly reduced by desexing them BEFORE the first heat. We recommend desexing around 5-6 months of age at My Vet Animal Hospital.

At 6 months old, you get to have fun day-adventure with our nurses at My Vet!!

5. Wagging tail is a sign of happiness

FALSE – There are many different types of tail wag, each with unique meanings. A content and happy dog wags their tail side to side. The tail is relaxed and floppy. An anxious dog often tucks their upper tail close to their bum and wag the tip of the tail quickly side to side. This is an appeasing tail wag. An unhappy dog wags their tail dramatically side to side and the gesture is often accompanied by loud barking. This is an aggressive tail wag.

And FYI, neither are dog kisses. Not all dogs are happy when they give a kiss. Meeya here is wondering why my face is in her personal space.

I hope you enjoyed these myth busters. If you did, we have one for cats too! Do you know any dog myths that need to be busted?

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