1. Kittens need to drink milk

FALSE – Kittens gradually stop drinking their mom’s milk around 4 weeks old and they are completely off milk by 8 to 10 weeks old. Unless you’re fostering orphan kittens, the youngest you can legally purchase a kitten is at 8 weeks old. So there is no need for your baby cat to be fed milk.

In fact, kitten lose the ability to digest sugar in milk, lactose, and become lactose intolerant. Feeding milk to older kittens cause them to have diarrhoea.

2. Cat food and dog food are the same

FALSE – Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they require animal protein to survive. Dogs are omnivorous and require much less protein for survival. As a result, cat food contains higher protein content than dog food. And this is also why you can’t raise a vegan cat.

3. Cats only purr when they are happy

FALSE – Cats can purr in times of happiness and distress to calm themselves. It is also believed to be a method of communication between cats as well as between cats and their owners.

I purr when I want hooman.

4. Cats always land on their feet

FALSE – Due to cats’ flexible backbones and skeletons, they can usually twist in the air if they fall or jump from high places. However, if they are dropped short distances, they often cannot land on their feet before hitting the ground. And, if a cat falls from a really tall building, the chances are that even if the cat does land on its feet, the fall will still hurt or kill the cat.

5. All cats love catnip

FALSE – Only 50 percent of cats are susceptible to catnip’s charms. The active ingredient in catnip is an essential oil called nepetalactone, which is found in the leaves and stems of the plant. When a cat sniffs the leaves of the plant, the animal experiences a hallucinogenic “high” that can last for 10 minutes. Being attracted to catnip is an inherited trait, so there’s a chance your cat won’t react to the plant.

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