Always wanted to learn how to clip your cat’s nails? Don’t want your furbaby to ruin your furniture or scratch you anymore? Our veterinary nurse, Jaycee Britter, will show you how to clip your cat’s nails like a pro!

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Make sure you can restrain/hold your cat quietly. If not, get someone else to help you.
  2. Holding one of the leg out, gently press on the tip of their paw pad to extend the nail.
  3. Make sure that you can see where the quick is (light pink in colour). This part is filled with blood vessels.
  4. Gently, use a cat nail clipper and trim the tip of the nail off, leaving approximately 2mm away from the quick.

Video Transcript:

Welcome to My Vet Animal Hospital “How To’s” videos.

My name is Jaycee Britter and I’m one of the nurses working here. Today is our first how to video and I’m going to show you how to clip a cat’s nail. We have “Brainy” here who is our beautiful little patient today. Firstly, I’ll just explain to you about nails and nail beds.

This is the nail diagram and this is what we call the Quick. The quick is what is in the inside of the nail and it’s usually pink in colour, sometimes with animals that have darker nail beds, it’s a bit difficult to see, so, you have to look closely at the nail. You want to take off the tip of the nail and make sure don’t hit the quick, if you hit the quick the nail will bleed.

For example, I will demonstrate on Brainy over here. I got a hand here just to support him.

Extending his arms, sometime they don’t want to extend their leg. It’s better just to hold behind the elbow so you get a bit of extension of the arm. Then, I’ll just press gently on the pad of his toe, like that, you can see, it extends his nail. So if we zoom in, we can see the little pink bit of the inside of the nail. Sometimes, it helps to do this with two people, one person can extend it for you, while, the other person trims the nails. So, I’ve taken the tip of the nail off but, make sure don’t hit the pink bit on the inside. I can probably take a little further off but you wanna leave a bit of a gap between the nail and the pink bit. And that’s how you trim their nails.

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