A video explaining how to clean your dogs ears if necessary. It’s really simple and you will be an expert in no time. Please always check with your veterinarian if your dog needs ear cleaning!

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Get your dog to sit
  2. Hold the tip of the ear up to the roof to straighten the ear canal
  3. Put the drops in while continuing to hold the ear upwards
  4. Gently massage the ears with the ear cleaning solution still inside the ears. This will loosen all the muck inside.
  5. Get your cotton wool and just gently wipe the excess out of it.

Video Transcript:

Welcome to My Vet how to videos. My name is Doctor Cherlene Lee and today I’ll be explaining to you how to clean the dog’s ear.

As you can see here’s the diagram, this is the outer ear, eardrum and the middle ear. It’s very important to check your dog’s ears because if they are infected they should be seeing a vet, and also if the eardrum has burst, for example, in an infection, you shouldn’t be cleaning your dog’s ears with any set of solutions, unless specified by your vet. Okay so, first of all I’ve got a model here. Flick your dog ears back. I got a proper ear cleaning solution which, is absolutely fine for Chu, my dog. Got some cotton wool here which, has been unrolled, we just cleaned his ear a bit earlier just then, so, this is all you need.

First of all, get the dog sitting down and flick his ear backwards like that so you can see.
So, Chu has pretty ok ears, super hairy and just a little bit dirty.If your dog’s ear is nice and clean don’t touch it because, the ears also works as a self cleaning mechanism. Some dog needs a bit more help than others. So, tilt the ear upwards to straightens the ear canal and put the drops in while keeping the ears upwards, gently massage it like that. It will loosen all the muck inside. Get your cotton wool and just gently wipe the excess out of it.

So, the whole idea is you want your whole finger to be a giant cotton tip. How deep can you go? Just push deep gently and just give it a good swipe out. You can repeat it as many times as you like until the ears are clean. And just remember if you pour too much there’s nothing to be worried about as it will just overflow. As long as the ears are nice and healthy and not infected you’re not gonna hurt the dog. So, check out the next video on how to medicate your dog’s ears if they need medication. Remember to always check with your Vet to make sure if you picked out the right ear solution for your dog before you clean the ears.

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