Are you looking to welcome a new furbaby home? Congratulation! Adding a new member to the family is a life changing event and every bit is important. If you are purchasing from a breeder, it’s so important that you take time and pick a reputable breeder. Every minute spent in choosing a good breeder is worthwhile.

What’s a reputable breeder and how do we know? Here at My Vet Animal Hospital – Waterloo – we’ve prepared a FULL CHECKLIST on how to choose a good breeder.

1) Furbaby’s Health

A puppy/kitten should be a happy ball of energy. They should be clean and plump like a sausage, not skinny and weak. They should be checked by a veterinarian before the purchase. At the time of vet check, they will receive their microchip and their first vaccination. They should also be treated for flea and intestinal worms.

Puppies should be happy, healthy and clean when you see them at the breeder’s resident.

2) Ask to see Both Parents

Good breeders are happy for you to meet the furbaby’s biological parents. It’s not uncommon for a father to be far away, even out of the country! If this is the case, ask for the sire’s contact so you can learn more about him.

Personality passes down from parents to puppies/kittens. What you see of the parents are how the puppies might be in the future! Choose wisely!

3) Ask to see their home environment 

It’s important to check the environment where the puppy/kitten grows up. It’s easy to clean up the puppy/kitten and make it seem as though they live in a clean, happy and loving home. If the breeder asks you to meet somewhere else, press your intention to learn more about your furbaby’s home environment and if they hesitate or make excuses, best to walk away as it is a massive red flag!

Will the new family like me?

4) Cooling Off Period

Good breeders will allow you to return your furbaby after the purchase and refund you the cost for a specified period of time (aka cooling off period). This is particularly important if you have another pet at home and you are uncertain about the compatibility. Normally, the cooling off period is up to seven days from the day of purchase. So, make sure that the breeder has a cooling off period agreement in place.

5) Paperwork

You should receive:

– microchip paper

– change of ownership paper,

– pedigree paper if applicable

– a detailed information about how to take care of your new furbaby, including food, next vaccination, flea and worming schedule etc.

Zzz… So much paper work…

6) Chance to adopt back in the future

We all hope to spend time with our furbabies until the end but life happens. If you can’t look after the furbaby anymore, some breeders will adopt their puppies/kittens back. This is completely up to your preference and the breeder’s policy. But it’s important to know there are some breeders who can do that.

7) They want to know about YOU!

The best quality for a breeder is that they want the best for their animals. A good breeder will ask you lots of questions about you. What kind of home do you have? Have you had pets before? What kind of lifestyle you have? Are you committed to your new furbaby? Don’t be offended when they ask you these questions. They are worried about their furbabies just as much as you are and that’s GOOD!! A good breeder will want to know what is happening with the furbaby and are happy to keep in touch and support you after the purchase.

Tell me about YOU!

Last words … 

It is very important to choose a breeder carefully and never buy from a pet shop. We always encourage paw-parents to adopt if all possible. Shelters/rescue centres such as RSPCAMonica Doggie RescueMaggie’s Rescue and Animal Welfare League have so many furbabies waiting to find their fur-ever home. Think carefully before getting a new pet, as having a pet is for life. Never rush into a purchase and if you are ever unsure, come in and have a chat to one of our pawesome staff!

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