At one time or another, we have all wondered what is going through out furbaby’s head when they run around the house all night. Or maybe you are curious as to why she thinks a half dead mouse is a good present. Here are 5 common quirky cat behaviours and what your kitty cat is trying to tell you!

1) Nail biting

Many cats will bite and chew at their nails while they are grooming. They are removing the outer sheath of their claw. In most cats, this is a normal part of their grooming routine. Obsessive claw biting may be a compulsive behaviour just like in people. It may indicate boredom or anxiety. Trimming cats nails is quite easy after a quick training from your vet. See this video from My Vet Animal Hospital-Waterloo for more tips on how to cut your cat’s nails.

2) Not covering their poo

Most cats tend to cover their pee and poo. There are lots of reasons that your kitty cat might not be covering their poo – which includes behavioural or medical causes.

If your cat used to cover up the poo but suddenly stopped doing it, that’s a concern. Any painful condition can lead to this quirky behaviour. For example, a cat with a sore paw may not cover their poo because it causes them pain to scratch at their litter.

If the cause is behavioural, the cat may not like something about the litter box and leaving the place as soon as possible. The reason for dislike includes: location, size and type of the tray and the sand type. You can try to find out their litter preference. Not covering the poo can also be a display of dominance.

Sophie doesn’t quite understand how litter boxes work!

3) Bringing you presents

Even though our feline friends were domesticated some 10, 000 years ago, they still have very strong hunting instincts. Desexed female cats are most likely to bring home presents for their owners. Some behaviourists think this might be not only due to their hunting instincts, but also due to their motherly nature. When teaching their kittens how to hunt, mother cats will often bring home dead or injured prey for them to learn on. So next time your a presented with a gift from your very proud furbaby, remember that she is just trying to show she cares and is to trying to improve your clearly terrible hunting skills!

I brought you some cat nip! Hope you enjoy it! I hunted it myself!

4) Purring

It is believed that cats purr by moving the muscles of their diaphragm and voice box. But cats don’t only purr when they are happy and content! Cats purr for a variety of reasons, such as self-comforting when in pain or distressed and strengthening the mother-kitten bond. There is even some evidence to suggest that it helps cats to rest, relax and heal faster!

5) Running around all night

Does your cat keep you awake at night, bouncing off the ceiling at 3am? There’s a good reason for this! Our feline furbabies are nocturnal creatures, meaning they are more awake at night than during the day. There are a few things that you can do at home to help you and your kitty cat get a good nights sleep. Try feeding them just before bed or wearing them out by playing a fun and energetic game. You could also try using a timed feeder so they don’t bother you during the night for their next meal!

Butt wiggle coming!

I hope this has helped to explain some of your beloved kitty cat’s normal, but none the less quirky traits and behaviours!

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