It’s summer and Chu is counting down to Christmas! Chu has surprised his mummy with a short holiday. In return, Mummy has also organised a mini holiday for Chu!

Is planning for your furbaby’s holiday as stressful as planning for your own? There’s actually so much thought that goes into the planning! So many paw-rents seem to share the sentiment. Here, we share our top tips on planning the perfect holiday!

1) Accommodation

There are so many accommodation options out there and so many mixed reviews. I personally like the personal touch, which is why I always recommend a pet sitter. It gives me the peace of mind of knowing that Chu has personalised care by someone who cares about him.

We’ve written a separate blog post on how to choose the perfect pet sitter for you and your furbaby! Chu will be heading over to our puppy trainer’s home for his holiday.

Remember to always book ahead of time, especially if you’re planning for Christmas and Easter! People tend to go away then and demand for your favourite pet sitter may spike. To make sure I’m not rushing at the very last minute, I book Chu’s accommodation right after I book my flights.

Chu is excited about his mini holiday with Kim!

2) Pack Enough Food

Always remember to pack your furbaby’s food. You don’t want your pet sitter to get caught off-guard. Also, don’t forget to tell your pet sitter what to feed (and what not to feed), how much to feed, and how often. We find this is really important to avoid miscommunications that may result in tummy upsets and/or very, very chubby furbabies.

I always ensure I pack extra food in case of the unexpected (like cancelled or delayed flights).

Chu can’t get enough of pig’s ears, but too much makes his tummy very upset!

3) Chat with your vet!

It’s always a good idea to let your vet know when you’re going away and for how long. Some of our clients like to leave a letter authorising us to treat in case we can’t reach them in an emergency. They also like to leave their pet minder’s details with us, just in case. It doesn’t cost anything and it keeps everyone in the loop, giving many paw-rents that additional peace of mind.

Your vet will also be able to advise you on your furbaby’s vaccinations and parasite prevention! It’s very important to make sure everything is up-to-date before you go away. If your pet needs a dose of prevention while you’re away, don’t forget to let your pet sitter know!

Trip to the vet to ensure that everything is up to date!

4) Make it feel like home!

For some pets, routine is everything. (This is especially true for stressy furbabies!) The change in routine can lead to “accidents” in the home and even some tummy trouble because of all the stress. Your pet sitter will probably appreciate knowing your furbaby’s general schedule, including how often your furbaby expects to go to the toilet!

Chu’s routine.. sleeping in until everyone is out of the house!

Don’t forget to pack something familiar for your furbaby! It’s nice to settle into a new place with something that feels a little like home. Think of packing toys, bed, and/or their favourite blanket.

5) Bedding, toys, leads etc

A lot of people tend to forget to pack their furbaby’s bedding, toys and leads. However, be prepared to lose some of their toys upon return, but this is a good excuse to get new toys for them when you return to make up for your absence! Your furbaby will be missing you lots, so having his/her own bedding and toys would help.

6) Medications

If your furbaby is on any medication(s), make sure to leave enough medication with your pet sitter and write down the instructions clearly for your pet sitter’s reference. This leaves less room for error. It may also help to show your pet sitter how to administer medication (especially if your furbaby is a little bit cheeky).

We hope you and your furbaby enjoy the holidays!!! Do you have any other tips you’d like to share? Let us know!


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