Hello Furbabies!

We stumbled across some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about your four-legged feline friend. Did you know?

-Cats can pick up on your tone of voice, so sweet-talking to your cat has more of an impact than you think.

-Want to call a hairball by its scientific name? Next time, say the word “bezoar.

-Collectively, kittens yawn about 200 million time per hour.

-The Snow Leopard, a variety of the California Spangled Cat, always has blue eyes.

-If your cat’s eyes are closed, it’s not necessarily because it’s tired. A sign of closed eyes means your cat is happy or pleased.

-Cats who eat too much tuna can become addicted, which can actually cause a Vitamin E deficiency.

-Cats prefer their food at room temperature—not too hot, not too cold.

-Cats have a strong aversion to anything citrus

-A cat’s field of vision does not cover the area right under its nose.

-Cats have 24 more bones than humans.

-Rather than nine months, cats’ pregnancies last about nine weeks.

-A cat can reach up to five times its own height per jump.

-Most cats don’t have eyelashes.

-Cats sleep 16 hours of any given day.

-Cats show affection and mark their territory by rubbing on people. Glands on their face, tail and paws release a scent to make its mark. This behaviour is called “bunting”.

-A cat’s heart beats almost double the rate of a human heart, from 110 to 140 beats per minute.

-Cats have over 100 sounds in their vocal repertoire, while dogs only have 10.

-Cats are carnivores. They must eat meat to meet their nutritional needs and to thrive.

-Talk about Facetime – cats say hi to each other by rubbing their noses together.

-Each side of a cat’s face has about 12 whiskers.

For more pawesome facts about your furry feline check out http://www.animalplanet.com/pets/cat-facts/

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